On this page you will find some information about the jobs and the volunteering in which I have participated. You can also download my resume if you prefer to have everything in one document.

December 2013 - now
Co-owner and Hardware/Software Engineer


Together with Folkert Huizinga we started our own company, Kubiko. We are creating an autonomous device to scare birds from offshore helicopter platforms. The device locates each individual bird using computer vision and deep learning. A mirror controlled laser beam is directed to the ground on a fair distance of the bird and then moves in the direction of the bird at high speed. The bird sees this sudden approach as an attack and flies away.

September 2012 - now
Computer Vision Expert

Eagle Vision Systems

After completing my masters study in artificial intelligence I started working as a full-time employee in the people logistics department of Eagle Vision. My main job is to improve and extend our distributed people tracking platform and to get these systems up and running at our customers.

Eagle Vision's platform contains a lot of components and in consultation with our customers I decide which modules suit their needs or which extensions need to be made for their application. Some example applications are: counting people in a cue, preventing jams in airports and securing entrance gates or heavy machinery.

2000 - now
Freelance designer, programmer and consultant

In the past years I have created several small to medium sized websites. From a salsa dance school (with a kind of dance partner dating system) to a communications consultancy and from a first aid association to the Amsterdam Tourist Assistance Service. Further more I have done some data mining (regression analyses) for a large experiment on the growth of roses and some crime prediction for the police of "Gelderland-Midden". In 2010 I started my own company.

September 2011 - June 2012

Eagle Vision Systems

I completed my masters project within Eagle Vision Systems. A machine vision company specialized in the packaging industry and in people logistics. The latter applied to my research "Recognising Individuals by Appearance across multiple Stereo Cameras. See also the projects page.

December 2009 - July 2012
Public relations and marketing

AMETHIST Developing People B.V.

Amethist is a very interesting company that organizes personality trainings and personal coaching. It is a small company that has great ideas about our world and the way we act in this world. The founder of Amethist discovered how people act automatically as a result of what they have previously experienced in their lives and how everyone is able to change this automatic behavior.

My job was to ensure that as many people as possible hear from the ideas of Amethist. I achieved this by optimizing the website, applying some SEO, thinking about the presentation of our promotional material and our course material and participating as a co-trainer and team leader.

November 2005 - December 2009
Web application developer

Synetic B.V.

For four years I have really enjoyed working at Synetic. I was a software engineer mainly for web applications. I had the freedom to explore my own qualities and to exploit the things I have learned in my study of Artificial Intelligence. The work I did was very diverse, from Flash programming to building data base models and from developing a computer graphics toolkit to designing part of Synetics CMS called ProCreate.


September 2009 - now
Co-trainer, Team leader and Assistent

Amethist Developing People

I have assisted several trainings in personal development. These include communication courses and personal leadership trainings. During these trainings the trainer is supported by an assistant team or by one or more co-trainers. I have been an assistant and co-trainer since September 2009 and I became a team leader in September 2010.

February 2005 - October 2008
Coordinator first year committee

Student association VIA, University of Amsterdam

The job of the committee was to guide the first year students in their first contact with the university and to organize introduction activities for them such as our first years weekend which is always a big hit. Further more it was our job to acquire first year students to join our association. I led a team of about 10 people and we had weekly meetings.

2003 - 2006
First aid team

I participated in the first aid team at various events in Nijmegen and Amsterdam. This means I had to deal with different injuries. Mostly small scratches, but unfortunately also some bigger accidents. This way I trained my first aid skills and it helps me to stay calm whenever some unexpected incident happens.

2003 - 2004
Council member

"Jongeren aan zet", youth council, City of Nijmegen

During my contribution to the youth council of the city of Nijmegen, we realized a skate park as a solution to the nuisance caused by young people in the city center. Furthermore, we organized some symposia and other activities. We formed a bridge between the youth of Nijmegen and the city council.