Here is some information about the studies I have followed. You can also download my resume if you prefer to have everything in one document.

September 2009 - August 2012
Master Artifical Intelligence

University of Amsterdam

After travelling through South-East Asia I decided to start my Masters program in Artificial Intelligence. This master really dives into the state of the art AI. We are programming on the edge of science and that what I find one of the most inspiring aspect about artificial Intelligence. I built a 3D recorder to record an object with your iPhone or Android and create a 3D model from that recording. And I attempted to create a solver for the game Sokoban, which is still an unsolved AI problem. Both projects and more are descibed in detail on my projects page.

During my masters study I made two trips, one to India and one to Indonesia and Malaysia. The last period of my master study was devoted to my masters project "Recognising Individuals by Appearance across Non-overlapping Stereo Cameras". The report can also be download from the projects page.

September 2005 - June 2008
Bachelor "Kunstmatige Intelligentie" (Artifical Intelligence)

University of Amsterdam

I have always been very interested in the capabilities of computer science and the human brain, so what could I choose better than to study Artificial Intelligence? During my bachelor I built some (reinforcement) learning systems, an interesting genetic algorithm (GA) to create unbeatable Quake bots, a computer vision system to replace the ads at the border of a soccer field in a live video stream and much more. Please have a look at my Projects page to see some more.

September 1998 - June 2004
"Voortgezet Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs" (Secondary Science Education)

Montessori College Nijmegen

I have followed my high school in two profiles. Nature & Technology and Nature & Health. The focus was mainly on mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Besides my curriculum I was involved in (the website of) the school paper, the student school board and other extracurricular activities. During high school I was active in the youth council of the city of Nijmegen and I have been writing some columns and articles for "De Gelderlander", the largest regional newspaper in The Netherlands.